Turbo series battery packs and the new Nikon SB900 flash. Upgrade UQTNIK:

For the new Nikon SB900 & SB910 flashes, Quantum recommends the Turbo series battery packs with CKE or CCKE cable .

However the Nikon SB900 or SB910 flash may cause a Turbo 2x2, Turbo SC, Turbo C or Turbo AC battery to shut down or slow down. (The original Turbo Battery is not affected)

If you notice this condition, Quantum has a software upgrade for the above mentioned Turbo models. This upgrade is free for affected Turbo units under warranty. Out-of-warranty Turbo 2x2, SC, C, or AC batteries can be upgraded.

Quantum Turbo and the Nikon SB900
Quantum Turbo and the Nikon SB900

Note: This upgrade is needed for the Nikon SB900 & SB910 only. Also, if you possess units with the following serial numbers, or higher, your Turbo is already upgraded:

Unit serial numbers already upgraded:
Turbo 2x2 S/N R243 or above
Turbo SC S/N R274 or above
Turbo C S/N R112 or above
Turbo AC S/N Q092 or above

Send your Turbo 2x2, C, AC or SC to the address below, with a note indicating "SB900/SB910 upgrade."

For non-warranty upgrades provide your VISA, MC, or AMEX credit card info (for security, no emails please!), or else enclose a check. (Checks could take up to 15 days to clear). NY State residents must include the appropriate sales tax. Return shipping within the U.S.A. is included.

For warranty upgrade, please provide a copy of your bill of sale.

(Please do not send credit card numbers to us via Email.)

Remember to include with your package:
Your name and complete mailing address.
Your daytime telephone number and time you may be reached.
(Please Print)

Please send your equipment carefully packaged and insured to:
    Quantum Service Department
    1268 Humbracht Circle
    Bartlett, IL 60103-1631


You may pre-approve the cost with your Visa, MasterCard, or Amex. You may also pay by money order or C.O.D. (Cash Only). Paying by check will delay return of the Qflash.