FreeXWire Upgrade UFW10W:

Upgrade your FreeXWire FW10 for wireless TTL with your digital or pre-flash film camera.

Upgrading your FreeXWire FW10 to an FW10w enables it to work in conjunction with an FW9T, FW8R or FW7Q in transmitting dedicated TTL information from your camera to a Qflash T5d or an upgraded Qflash T4d up to 500 feet away from your camera.

(Please do not send credit card numbers to us via Email.)

Remember to include with your package:
Your name and complete mailing address.
Your daytime telephone number and time you may be reached.
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Please send your equipment carefully packaged and insured to:
    Quantum Service Department
    1268 Humbracht Circle
    Bartlett, IL 60103-1631


You may pre-approve the cost with your Visa, MasterCard, or Amex. You may also pay by money order or C.O.D. (Cash Only). Paying by check will delay return of the Qflash.