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TTL Ring Flash & Video Simultaneously

The Next Generation -- OMICRON 3


OMICRON OM3 is a TTL Flash when used with the a CoPilot!

Choose a Canon (QF91C) or Nikon (QF91N) CoPilot to use with your OM3 for dedicated TTL.

The CoPilot is also a 3 zone radio control, so you can control 2 remote groups of Qflash or Trio along with your OM3.

Capture Still Images and Video...At The Same Time!
Easily take TTL flash photos while capturing video. Great for producing Fusion Videos your clients will love. Shoot video or flash in the midst of a video segment!

"Chromatically Correct” LED Array Delivers True Color Rendition
White-only LED sources leave gaps in the color spectrum compared to traditional artificial and natural light sources, rendering certain colors too dark. OMICRON’s carefully engineered mix of high quality white and colored LEDs deliver the true, bright colors you expect from a Quantum Instruments light. 5600K White LED Spectrum OMICRON Spectrum Clay Blackmore shooting a portrait with the OMICRON 3

High Fashion Look To Your Model & Portrait Work.
Ring lights are popular for glamour shots. They flatter your subject by softening shadows and providing a subtle fill light.

Compact Ring Light Goes Anywhere Your Camera Will Fit.
The light weight, compact OMICRON 3 allows you to bring 60 degrees of diffused light wherever your imagination and camera go.


Clean Diffused Light For Macro And Product Photography
Ring lights help macro images appear sharper by adding contrast with little or no shadow.

Unique Auto-Tracking Video Light
Auto-Tracking for continuous video lighting keeps your subject evenly lit by adjusting the light output as you dolly in or out, over a 2 to 1 change in distance.

Dedicated TTL Flash With CoPilot
With an optional CoPilot in your camera’s hot shoe, OMICRON 3 becomes a dedicated TTL flash. Remote Qflashes are wirelessly linked with Omicron and your camera in TTL or Manual mode.


Power Your OMICRON 3 With Any Quantum Turbo Battery...
you’re ready for constant-on video light and flash as needed to capture still images...a Qflash isn’t required.


Pure Video With HDSLR, Mirrorless, or Video Cams
0-100% adjustable or Auto-Tracking feature adjusts for constant exposure.