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The smart way to trigger your camera using light, sound and motion!

A unique motion capture system that is affordable! The TriggerSmart is designed to easily capture images using many different ways to trigger a camera using Sound, Light Intensity Increase, Infra-Red Beam Breaking and Movement.

A great variety of stills and video cameras can be used- digital as well as film based cameras.

TriggerSmart was used in the sound trigger mode set off by the sound of the air rifle that was used to shoot the glass.


The TriggerSmart was used in the IR Beam Breaking mode.

Taken with a Canon 5D II and a 100mm macro lens and high speed flash and triggered with the single infrared beam from Triggersmart.

The beam was set 1.5 meters apart and set 10mm above the frogs head with no lag time set, This was set on auto mode.

The TriggerSmart was used with the Light Intensity Sensor.
The TriggerSmart was used in the IR Beam Breaking mode. The IR beam was positioned just above the surface of the liquid.
Contains the UK15 Controller, IR/LIS Receiver, IR Transmitter & Sound Sensor, two Mini Tripods, two control cables, one trigger cable and 2 degree baffle.
The sophisticated TriggerSmart is designed for use by stills or video imagemakers to facilitate the capture of images that would normally be very difficult or impossible to achieve. This system offers a simple and affordable way of triggering cameras by the use of various sensors for the detection of sound, sudden light intensity increase or the interruption of an Infra-Red beam.
An additional "Tilt-Sensor Switch" will detect movement, adding yet another dimension to this extraordinary trigger system. The abilities of all the sensors are controlled and enhanced by the UK15 control unit. It is used to adjust sensitivity and introduce delays in triggering the camera. Single exposure or continuous shooting over given time spans can be chosen.
The UK15 Control Unit
The heart of the system. It connects to all sensors and cameras, allows fine tuning of trigger delay, sensitivity and shooting sequence. Battery or AC powered.
IR Receiver or Light Intensity Sensor
Infra- Red Receiver or Light Intensity Sensor. (Incl. two degree baffle.)
Infra-Red Transmitter & Sound Sensor
Transmits an IR light beam or reacts to a sudden increase in sound.
Infra-Red Transmitter
A battery powered independent IR light sensor (not included in Kit).

Tilt Sensor now available