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Quantum Battery 1 Compact

Our smallest, most economical
power source for flash & digital cameras

Quantum's smallest, most economical source of battery power for flash and digital cameras. Typically provides 150-800 auto/TTL flashes.

Weighing just 12 ounces (340g), it easily attached to the bottom of an SLR, or can be clipped onto your belt.

Power for most shoe-mounted flashes that use 4 or 5 "AA" batteries (If your flash is handle-mounted and uses six "AA" batteries, see the Quantum QB2 battery.)
Four to six times the power of typical rechargeables. Recycling speed is three times as fast as alkalines batteries and a third faster than nicads.

The "fuel gauge" lights make monitoring battery capacity and charging a snap. BATTERY 1 COMPACT is rechargeable up to hundreds of times. Save hundreds of dollars on throw-away batteries, and help the environment.