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Studio Power


FreeXwire Radio TTL Multi-flash Control

FreeXwire provides professional photographers with TTL wireless control for multiple flash lighting and linking of diverse flash units.  Use it for studio flash photography, wedding photography, event photography, action sports photography, and more.

The FreeXwire system separately controls several zones of flash, giving you control of flash exposure ratios from each group of flash.  Various FreeXwire components coordinate wireless TTL exposures with Qflash 5, Trio, Pilot, CoPilot, and even Nikon & Canon speedlights.

Since FreeXwire is wireless radio, it works to hundreds of feet / meters and isn't blocked by objects as with IR light beam TTL systems.

The versatile FreeXwire system

FreeXwire FW7Q
Clips onto a Qflash T5dr or X5dr and receives TTL commands from a Qflash Trio, a Pilot, or CoPilot mounted on a camera hot shoe.  It also takes commands from a Qflash 5 connected to a FreeXwire FW9T transmitter or FW10w transceiver.

FreeXwire FW9T
Connects to a Qflash 5 to send TTL signals to remote flash. The remotes can be a Trio, a Qflash 5 with FW7Q or FW8R receiver, or even Nikon and Canon speedlights with a Qlink accessory

FreeXwire FW8R
Receives TTL signals as described above, and in conjunction with a Qlink, provides TTL control for Nikon and Canon speedlights. Used without Qlink, It receives sync signals for studio lights and other flash units.

FreeXwire QLink
FW6C (Canon) and FW6N (Nikon)

The Wireless radio solution to link Quantum, Canon, & Nikon flashes with the FreeXwire system. The QLink and an FW8R receiver allows you to control your remote Canon or Nikon flashes with your Pilot or on-camera Trio.

You're in control! From your camera position, use the "master" Qflash 5, Trio, Pilot or CoPilot to set lighting ratios of multiple remote flashes, even set the mode...manual, TTL...remotely.

4 Zones - eight Channels.
Set remote flashes or cameras to any one of four zones, then turn each zone on and off from the FreeXwire transmitter, Pilot, or CoPilot.  Chose one of 8 Channels to prevent interference from other FreeXwires in the vicinity.

Fire remote cameras. FreeXwire can be used to trigger a remote camera (including a companion remote flash).

Studio or location versatility. In the studio or on location, use FreeXwire to trigger power packs, monolights or your camera manufacturer's flash, and avoid all those messy sync cables. Additionally, a Flash Sequencer function in the FW10W transceiver can sequentially trigger up to four remote power packs for action sports or fast fashion shoots, as fast as 13 frames per second.