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Studio Power




Important Note: In addition to PILOT and TRIO update, some older FreeXwire FW8R require a firmware update for use with QLINK. This update is free.

If your FW8R serial number is R72125 or ABOVE, it DOES NOT require an update.

If the serial number is R68349 or BELOW, send your FW8R to Quantum Instruments.




Designed Specifically for Quantum Qflash T5d-R and X5d-R Plugs directly in side of Qflash. Small, lightweight, requires neither batteries nor cables. Responds to four zones and eight channel frequencies from FreeXwire transmitter FW9T, for 256 possible combinations. Confirmation/status light ensures wireless link is working properly.

Remote Control of Qflash in TTL, Automatic and Manual Modes Used with Quantum Qflash T5d-R and X5d-R, FreeXwire system allows independent control of two separate groupings of remote Qflash (each flash requires its own receiver). Each group can be remotely adjusted for exposure in 1/3-stop increments over a four stop range. Each group can be independently turned on an off from the camera position.

Receiver FW7Q receives all TTL exposure information sent from a camera via a Quantum dedicated TTL adapter connected to a "master" Qflash T5d-R or X5d-R at the camera position. The exposure ratio of the remote groups can be independently adjusted in 1/3-stop increments - over a five stop range - in relation to the basic TTL exposure.


Basic Flash Synchronization Can be used in pairs for basic wireless synchronization between any camera having a hot shoe or PC outlet and virtually any flash. Flip a switch to convert from transmitter to receiver

Remote Flash TTL Control For setups using TTL control of remote Quantum Qflash T5d-R, X5d-R or any Qflash upgraded to a 3d-R, use transceiver FW10W as receiver only. Each remote flash requires its own receiver. Each group can have an unlimited number of Qflash. Each group can be independently turned on an off from the camera position using transmitter FW9T.

Camera / Flash Sequencer Wirelessly trigger many professional and semi-professional cameras remotely. Transceiver FW10W has Flash Sequencer function (not available on other FreeXwire devices): For action or fast fashion shoots, you can sequence up to four remote power packs, cameras or flashes. Transceiver FW10W will activate the power packs in sequence, advancing to the next pack with each shot, as fast as 13 frames per second. At the end of the sequence of four, the first pack is automatically triggered again, and so on. One transceiver FW10W is required at camera position, and one FreeXwire receiver FW8R or transceiver FW10W is required at each flash or camera.

Wireless Control of Remote Camera Wirelessly trigger many professional and semi-professional cameras from 250-500 ft. (75-150m). Photographer triggers remote camera using a handheld FreeXwire transmitter FW9T or FW10w, sending signal to transceiver FWT10W located at remote camera. Transceiver may be set to "always awake" for fast shooting, or placed in "sleep mode" to prolong battery life up to 500 hours.

Extended Range "Repeater" FreeXwire FW10W transceiver can also act as a repeater to extend wireless range by about 250-500 ft. (75-300m) for each FW10W in the "chain" between transmitter and receiver. (Note: for each transceiver in the chain, maximum allowed shutter speed with flash is reduced by half.)