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Studio Power




Qflash PILOT

Versatile commander for wireless TTL flash

  • Mounts in a hot shoe-mount
  • Set TTL ratios for 3 groups of remote flash
  • Change the mode (manual, auto, TTL) of remote flash

With built-in FreeXwire TTL radio and QTTL adapter, PILOT lets you send camera TTL exposures to multiple remote flashes.  Set  TTL ratios between 3 groups of remotes all related to camera TTL exposure. 

PILOT's radio sends TTL commands directly to the internal radios of remote Qflash TRIO's. Configure distinct modes and settings of remote Qflash TRIO's from the on-camera PILOT. And,  PILOT controls older Qflash models mated to FreeXwire receivers.

Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe and go, it's self powered. Or connect a Turbo with the optional long power cable CQ8 or short power cable CCQ8.

Radio QTTL signals from PILOT do not require line-of-site like camera optical links... they're more reliable and work at 5 times the distance.

Qflash PILOT is available as QF9C for Canon and QF9N for Nikon / Fuji SLR’s.