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Studio Power

OMICRON 3 is both a Flash and Constant on Video Light. Use OM3 with the affordable CoPilot for TTL with Canon, Nikon and (coming soon!) Panasonic / Olympus cameras. Click here for more on the Omicron 3.

OMICRON 4 is a dedicated Constant On Video Light, with more power and electronically variable color temperature. Click here for more on the OM4.

Chromatically Correct™: Both OM3 & OM4 are built around a Chromatically Correct™ LED array, carefully engineered to fill the gaps found in all white LED lights. They deliver the true, bright colors you expect from Quantum.

Auto-Tracking Video Light: Both OM3 & OM4 keep your subject evenly lit by automatically adjusting video light output as you dolly.

Flicker Free Video Light: Dimmable From 100% to 5%.

Click here for more on the Omicron LED Ring Lights.

OM42 Rail Mount Bracket
$150 Rebate Offer

LED Ring Light
QF29 Under Camera / Tripod Bracket
OM42 Rail Mounting Bracket

Between March 1, 2013 and May 31, 2013

Click here to download a rebate form

QF29 Under Camera
and Tripod Mounting Bracket