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Studio Power




Light Modifiers


Fast and Powerful

Up to 400 watt-seconds vs. approximately 50 watt-seconds for typical camera manufacturer's flash. Cover greater distances, illuminate bigger shots and have more bounce power. Recycles in 3.8 sec. at 400 watt-seconds using a Qpaq-X power pack. NOTE: Qflash X Series flashes are powered by Quantum Qpaq-X power packs, which must be purchased separately.

Durable and Reliable
Heavy-duty components permit hours of rapid firing using AC or DC power without fear of failure or temporary shutdown caused by flash overheating.

Versatile Exposure
Adjustable Manual Mode: 19 power settings from full to 1/64th power, in 1/3step increments.

Flexible Auto Mode on Flash: Proprietary sensor on the Qflash X5d-R provides automatic flash exposure control with any camera, even those without TTL metering. From .8ft. (.25m) to 113ft. (36m), get proper flash exposure with your choice of apertures in 1/3 steps, from f/1.4 to f/22 for ISO 100 in 25 precision settings.

State-of-the-art TTL: Using Quantum's optional QTTL adapters, Qflash seamlessly integrates with TTL flash exposure systems on all popular cameras, providing the same flexible control found on the camera manufacturer's flash,* but with more power, speed and superior duty cycle.
* High-speed sync not supported

Versatile Set-Ups
Head swivels 330 degrees and tilts 100 degrees for bounce wherever you like it, and locks into place with the push of a button.

Quantum's optional QNexus links your Qflash T5d-R to the wireless TTL systems of Canon and Nikon. QNexus "reads" the Canon or Nikon wireless infrared code to command Qflash in manual, automatic, TTL, and TTL-Ratio.

Multiple Qflash setups - with independent control of each flash - are possible, either wired or wireless. Using Qflash with Quantum's FreeXwire system you can have very flexible automatic wireless TTL - at up to 600 ft (152m) -for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya and Contax cameras.