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Studio Power

FreeXwire FW8R

FreeXwire FW8R



FreeXwire FW10W

FreeXwire FW10W Transceiver

The FW10W can be set to Transmit or Receive. Use in pairs or with the Qflash Pilot, Qflash CoPilot, FW8R receiver, or FW9T transmitter.

Use FW10W for Basic Flash Synchronization, Remote Flash TTL Control, Wireless Control of Remote Camera, or
Camera / Flash Sequencer.

Extend the Range by using multiple units set as "Repeaters"




FreeXwire FW7Q

FreeXwire FW7Q

Clips onto a Qflash T5dr or X5dr and receives TTL commands from a Qflash Trio, a Pilot, or CoPilot mounted on a camera hot shoe.  It also takes commands from a Qflash 5 connected to a FreeXwire FW9T transmitter or FW10w transceiver.

FreeXwire FW6

FreeXwire QLink
FW6C For Canon or FW6N for Nikon

The Wireless radio solution to link Quantum, Canon, & Nikon flashes with the FreeXwire system.

The QLink and an FW8R receiver allows you to control your remote Canon or Nikon flashes with your Pilot or on-camera Trio.


FreeXwire FW9T

FreeXwire FW9T


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