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Studio Power




Your Flash Will Be Assimilated !!!

CoPilot... User-Friendly Wireless TTL
Flash Controller With Auto-Focus Assist

Photographers can now READ_MORE trigger and quickly set ratios for three groups of radio controlled Qflash and/or Trio. Set lighting ratios on the fly, right from your camera. Simply turn three controls on the CoPilot to  instantly adjust lighting ratios as you shoot.

Mix and match all the flashes you own. CoPilot controls remote Qflash TRIOs or T5dRs. And it triggers any combination of non-Quantum flashes connected to a Quantum FreeXwire receiver or this photo shoot CoPilot was used to control two Qflash T5dR’s and one Qflash TRIO.

  • CoPilot (QF91C) for Canon DSLR cameras
  • CoPilot (QF91N) for Nikon DSLR cameras
  • CoPilot (QF91P) for Panasonic DSLR cameras*
  • CoPilot (QF91S) for Sony DSLR cameras*
  • IR Auto-Focus Assist helps your camera focus in low light
  • Mounts in your camera's hot shoe
  • Set ratios of up to 3 groups of remote Qflash.
  • No complicated LCD displays... Instant dial settings
  • TTL control of "local" Qflash... Models T5dR, 4d, 3d, 2d ...connected to the accessory connector of CoPilot
  • Reliable digital radio wireless up to 300’ (100m)
  • Use any number of flashes in each remote group
  • Manual or Auto Triggering of non-Quantum
        flash with FreeXwire FW8R or FW10W

*Please note: to facilitate proper functionality, a firmware update is required. As both the T5D-R and FW7Q will require this update, both devises will need to be returned to the factory for update. This update will be done free of charge (shipping not included) for a limited time. Proof of purchase of a CoPilot must be provided. This free T5D-R and FW7Q update is for firmware versions 2A and up. Earlier versions will be provided at a reduced rate. It is still possible to upgrade a T4D-R to the current version as well.

A T5dR has a snoot (QF61B) attached doing double duty as a hair light, plus separating the subject from the background. The other T5dR is in a 12x12 softbox (QF68) for fill light and the TRIO has a Wide Angle Diffuser (QF67A) attached to the front of the reflector for soft diffused light to the subjects face.

Power levels for all three flashes were set and adjusted, plus or minus from the CoPilot until the proper lighting was attained.

Creative Control
At Your Fingertips

The CoPilot controls 3 independent remote flash groups without a local flash, or 2 remote groups with a local Qflash connected to the CoPilot accessory socket. Each flash group can be set to Manual or TTL. Power and ratio settings are easily controlled by a dial for each flash group.

Good news for photographers still using their older Qflashes (T2D,T3D T4D, T5D). The CoPilot gives you the ability to use your old flash as a local flash while still getting the TTL ratio control of remotes offered by the newer T5dR and TRIO.

Remote flash groups consist of Quantum TRIO, Qflash T5dR, or any non-Quantum flash that can be triggered in Manual and Auto mode only, by a FreeXwire wireless receiver. Add any number of remotes to any remote group.

With its patterned sensor the infrared auto-focus assist of the CoPilot helps your camera to quickly focus and shoot indoors or outside in low light conditions.


WT: 5.2 oz (147.42 g)
Length: 3.6 in ( 9.14 cm)
Height: 1.8 in (4.57 cm)
Width: 2.3 in (5.84 cm)
Range: 300 ft (100 m