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Studio Power


Qflash 5dR: The ultimate lighting advantage
Maximum power, dedicated wired or wireless control,
& Wireless TTL-Ratio to 500ft

Get beautiful, studio-quality lighting, perfect for digital and film photography, from a portable dedicated flash!
The 5d-R series is the latest of Quantum's proven portable Qflash units. Used with FreeXwire, the new Qflash 5d-R now supports wireless control of all dedicated camera-flash functions -- including Manual, TTL, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL-Ratio -- up to 500 feet away! Qflash 5d-R blends seamlessly with Canon, Nikon and other professional digital camera systems, using Quantum's proprietary QTTL adapters. Or with a Qnexus attached, control 5d-R using your Canon or Nikon camera system. In some cases, it even provides capabilities a camera system may not support -- such as wireless remote Fill-Flash!

Qflash "Digital" models 4d, 5d, and now 5d-R are "dedicated" to the latest digital and film camera systems* through its own QTTL - through-the-lens dedicated exposure control. Parabolic reflectors produce softer, cleaner light. And they quickly interchange for bare bulb, wide angle, diffused, and telephoto reflectors. *High speed sync is not supported.

Qflash "digitals" are smaller and lighter than their predecessors. Flash heads swivel and bounce and lock into position with one button control.

In addition to full dedication Qflash operates in Manual, Auto, TTL, and Strobo modes. In automatic mode, Qflash power adjusts in 1/3 steps over wide ranges-- from f/1.4 to f/22 for ISO 100 film- in 25 precision settings. In manual mode Qflash displays 19 power settings from full to 1/64th power, in 1/3 step increments.

Multiple flash set-ups are easier because Qflash units communicate and coordinate through control cables, or wirelessly via FREEXWIRE digital transmitters, receivers and transceivers. Do wireless QTTL, A-TTL, D-TTL, E-TTL, E-TTL2, iTTL, auto, auto-fill and even change settings on remote Qflashes.

Qflash "T" Models gets their power from Quantum Turbo, Turbo 2x2, Turbo Compact, Turbo AC or the new Turbo SC. Qflash "X" Models connects to a Qpaq-X, Lumedyne*, or Norman* 200/400 to create "portable studio" systems.

Qflash power exceeds that of typical shoe-mount and handle-mount flashes, which allows for greater distances, bigger shots, and much more bounce power. That, combined with its studio quality light give professionals just the portable lighting they need.