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Studio Power


Light Modifiers


Qflash TRIO  -- Shoe-mount, multi-tasking professional, portable wireless TTL flash

Qflash TRIOs slip into the hot shoes of Canon or Nikon cameras.  Light and portable,they provide studio quality flash lighting with their parabolic reflectors.

TRIOs are dedicated to Canon or Nikon TTL systems, including auto focus assist, high speed sync (HSS), and full camera integration

Built-in TTL radios:  Quantum’s FreeXwire radio technology lets TRIO control any number of remote Qflash for multi-flash setups.  Even mix in Nikon or Canon flashes with Qflash remote control (Qlink accessory required).

TRIO comes in dedicated models for Canon (QF8C) and Nikon (QF8N)... More economical “TRIO Basic” models exclude the internal FreeXwire radios:   QF8CB for Canon, QF8NB for Nikon.  Radio function can be added later via a factory upgrade.

Command Center:  Set modes, power levels, and lighting rations of remote Qflash right from TRIO’s panel.

Run-and-Gun:  When you need fast and continuous shooting, TRIO is simple to use, rugged and reliable.

Provide studio-quality flash lighting:  TRIO parabolic reflectors and range of light modifiers provide lighting options unmatched by typical shoe-mounts, and with greater flash power.

TRIOs never can be driven too hard.  Fire them at full power as fast as possible for as long as you need to.  Trio light output exceeds that of typical shoe-mount and handle-mount flashes, especially for bounce lighting.

Unique functions:
Sensor Limit -  Prevents "blow out" when background is far away and the subject is close.

Visual and Audible Aids - Flash exposure indicators blink and beep for OK, under, or over exposed.  Turn the sound off or on.

Fast Action with Pre-Sets -  The Qflash "Program Mode" gives you instant access to your frequently used settings.  Pre-set any mode and any settings into 8 memory positions.

Quantum TRIO - Advanced Features Summary:

The chart below summarizes the advanced features for various Qflash series.
"U" means the Qflash model will have this feature when upgraded to series 5d-R.
"F" means this feature is available in the model shown.
"N" means the feature is not available.
For upgrade information, click here.
 Feature QF3d-R* QF4d QF5d QF5d-R Trio
Manual, Auto, Auto-fill & TTL remote radio control with Qflash PILOT. F U U F F
Wireless Control in Nikon/Canon systems with Qnexus N U U F N
Wireless multiple ratio TTL ( Qf5d-R requires Dw-R Adapters & FreeXWire) F U U F F
Wireless preflash TTL ( Qf5d-R requires Dw-R Adapters & FreeXWire) F U U F F
Wireless remote Auto / Auto Fill mode F U F F F
Zone control of FW7Q from panel of Qflash N U F F F
Flash ready indication in camera viewfinder (camera detects flash and sets shutter) F F F F F
Shutter speed control F F F F F
Rear Curtain Sync F F F F F
High speed sync N N N N F
Auto focus assist F F F F F
Auto Fill ratio F F F F F
Flash exposure lock N N N N F

* Qflash QF2 updated to QF3d-R