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Studio Power






Quantum TURBO AC

  Unlimited Capacity
    Economical power for studio and location flash
      Save hundreds of dollars on throw-away batteries
        Help the environment

In the studio and where AC outlets are available, TURBO AC delivers continuous, unlimited power….with fast TURBO recycling.  Shoot all day, day after day, with nothing to recharge.

TURBO AC works with popular shoe- and handle-mounted professional caliber flashes, and all Quantum Qflash T-series and Trio portable flashes.  Its regulated low-voltage output can be used to simultaneously power your camera and flash, or power your HDSLR for video for non-stop capture.

Mount TURBO AC to your camera's base plate to keep camera, flash and power supply together and mount on a tripod.  Or mount it on a light stand along with a flash for a studio setup.